Curriculum Talk

Beyond Islands

Reprinted from The Lutheran Schools eNewsletter. Posted on June 16, 2019 by Jessica Neuman – Lutheran Spirit, Quality Education Technically the IDCI – Social Studies Curriculum Team finished three days ago. However, I can’t stop thinking about the great experience I had being a part of this team and pilot program. I had the opportunity… Read more »

Indiana District Curriculum Initiative

Greetings and God’s peace through His Son is yours today. I am extremely excited and overjoyed to pen this brief note about the Indiana District Curriculum Initiative that will begin in the winter of 2019.  In a joint effort Julie Dietrich, Curriculum Consultant for the Indiana District and Alicia Levitt, Academic Excellence Coordinator for the… Read more »

Curriculum: Are You Talking About It?

START THE CONVERSATION! Making the curriculum conversation a priority is a good place to start. WHAT is curriculum? WHAT are the pieces that make up your school’s curriculum? WHO are the stakeholders of your school’s curriculum? WHY is it important to have a curriculum? to document your school’s curriculum? WHY is it important to talk… Read more »