2021 Salary Guidelines

During the Board of Director Meeting on May 22nd 2020, the Board approved the use of the Concordia Plan Services (CPS) Compensation Decision Support Tool as the Indiana District Salary Guidelines beginning January 1, 2021. The Indiana District 2020 Salary Guidelines will run through the current calendar year at which time the CPS Compensation Decision… Read more »

Caring for the Called Makes Positive Impact on Ministry Workers’ Health

Caring for the Called has promoted the health and well-being of Northeast Indiana church workers since 2014, so they could better serve their congregations, schools, and ministries. Supported by The Lutheran Foundation for nearly 6 years, the project came to a close on March 31. Rev. Richard Koehneke began serving part-time as a ministerial health… Read more »

Two Grants Available from the Indiana District

Did you know there are currently three grants available from the Indiana District for churches and church workers? The Ministry Support Grant is given to assist District congregations with new ministry and outreach initiatives in the areas of workers, equipment and facilities. The New Ministry Initiative Matching Grant is given with the intention of assisting Indiana… Read more »

Church Fathers Interpreted Scripture Presentation by Professor Elowsky

Professor Joel Elowsky (Professor of History, Concordia Seminary) was very pleased to share how the Church Fathers interpreted the Scriptures and preached Christ and Him crucified at the Northern Pastor’s Conference. He enjoyed the camaraderie among the brothers and catching up with some of you. As requested by some, we’re sharing Professor Elowsky’s PowerPoint presentations… Read more »

Answering a Divine Call

Imagine being tasked with the job of filling multiple employment vacancies for a diverse and multi-cultural clientele each and every year. Requests come from a wide variety of settings, including rural, urban, and everything in between. The talent pool is vast and includes job candidates from across the entire nation. Filling these openings requires an… Read more »

CTSFW Partnership With Supporters Pays Tuition in Full

A central goal of Concordia Theological Seminary (CTSFW), Fort Wayne’s strategic plan has been 100% tuition coverage for our students. The Seminary is privileged to announce that years of targeted work have borne fruit: beginning with the 2018-19 academic year, tuition for all incoming, residential pastoral ministry and deaconess students will be paid in full…. Read more »

Congregational Self Study and Profile

The Congregational Self Study and Profile is intended to be used during a pastoral vacancy. This profile can help the congregation see and know itself and provide a basis for planning. It will also help the District President in preparing a call list and help the pastor-elect to evaluate the Call and the congregation. Download… Read more »

Caring for Those who Serve

The health and well-being of church workers are vitally important to the health and well-being of the congregation, school or agency in which they serve. Healthy workers increase the likelihood that the ministry will be healthy too. The healthier the ministry is, the more energy that ministry (congregation, school or agency) has to make a… Read more »

Learning Post-Seminary

We have all heard the word “pals” in common everyday language, but what does the word mean in regard to pastors who have just graduated from the seminary? PALS stands for Post Seminary Applied Learning and Support. This process or development lasts for the first three years of ministry for newly graduated pastors. In the… Read more »

Effective Leaders Become Bold Witnesses

The Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI) is devoted to training leaders to effectively lead congregations so they can be bold witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities. PLI had its beginning in 1998. It quickly recognized the importance of pastor and spouse growing together and the importance of affirming the spouse’s unique gifts… Read more »