Calling all Emeritus Rostered Workers – Annual Reports Due!

A loving reminder to all of our emeritus rostered members, both commissioned and ordained, that your Annual Reporting Form is due back to the District Office by January 31.  Reports can be submitted via email or USPS.  These were mailed out in December, so if you haven’t received your form yet, please contact the District Office as soon as possible and we can get another one sent out.  The timely submission of the Annual Reporting Form is one of the main components needed to remain on the roster, plus this helps us keep in touch!

This year marks the first year in the change of annual reporting due dates for our CANDIDATE rostered workers, as dictated by the last Synodical Convention.  Candidates should be looking for their forms some time in June, with a due date of JULY 31.  We didn’t forget about you!


For questions, requesting another form, or to submit a completed form electronically . . .

COMMISSIONED MINISTERS:  Contact Shannon Bearman:; 260.423.1511, ext. 2212

ORDAINED MINISTERS:  Contact Lisa Slack:; 260.423.1511, ext. 2204

Indiana District Office – LCMS
1145 S. Barr Street
Fort Wayne, IN  46802