Banners Available to Any Church or School

St Michael’s Lutheran Church in Ft Wayne has some banners available to any church or school who wants them. Banners, sizes and some pictures are listed below. If anyone has an interest in any of these banners, please contact Sharon Smith (260-432-4005) or Donna Hern (260-402-7865).

Purple Hands banner (25×64 – 64 in long paraments hang on either side of this banner or separately

By His Stripes (35×59)

Follow Me (42×67)

Fruits of the Spirit (37×66 plus two side panels)

Joy (37×47)

Revelations 12:7-8 (34×94)

Empty Tomb (23×63)

Still Still Still (35×80)

Reformation (43×65)

I am the Way the Truth the Life (44×72)

Love-Bethlehem (34×55)

Create in me a clean Heart (43×64)

Onward Christian Soldiers (45×70)

Faith Alone Grace Alone Scripture Alone (39×64)

God’s House Your Hone (45×63)

Blessed Trinity (55×68)