Back to a Future – A message for DCEs from Dr. Brockberg

I want to address a collective grief we all share in navigating this year with COVID.  Linked here is a copy of the most recent installment in a series I’ve worked on called Back to A Future to probe the intensifying depths of grieving. Acknowledge the mounting vulnerability to the rampaging virus:

  • Print the page (letter or poster-sized)
  • Share the link
  • Encourage your faculty and staff to talk about grief
  • Suggest sheltered time in classrooms for kids to process it
  • Forward it to parents for home discussion

Use Back to A Future as a tool to help define what COVID is doing to our psyche and actions.  Process through the questions to get a grip on how best to begin to respond to one another about what continues to confront and perplex us all.

-Dr. Kevin Brockberg