Phillip Krupski

A Simple Man with a Simple Plan

He is a simple man.  All his life he has grown in faith and served the Lord with passion.  Life has been full of challenges and blessings. As he approaches his retirement years, gift planning made sense.  At first he thought his children could take care of his estate after he was gone, relieving him… Read more »

Trusts and Endowments

The LCMS Foundation believes that long-term investment objectives will be achieved through prudent management of risks associated with long-term rewards. While the preservation of capital is important, varying degrees of investment risk should be rewarded with compensating returns. Thus, prudent risk taking is justifiable. Investment strategies for the Foundation will seek to achieve total rates… Read more »

Make a Gift

To donate to the organization of your choice: please send a check, payable to Indiana District LCMS and indicate in the memo line or in a note the organization(s) you wish to support. Celebrate God’s love and 50 years (1963-2013) of His grace by supporting the “Indiana District New Church Worker Grant Fund”. Your financial... Read more »

Congregation Support for Missions

District and Synod Contributions The 232 congregations of the Indiana District contribute funds from their offerings to support the areas of outreach, services, resources and administration of the District. Approximately 80% of the receipts are used within the District and the other 20% is provided to the Synod for the mission outreach throughout the Lutheran… Read more »