Nancy Losher

College Bound

College is tough and you need Jesus! Many students are now preparing for their next level of education. Whether you remain in Fort Wayne or are off to another city or state, one thing remains. You need Jesus. LCMS U is a national student organization of the LCMS that provides pastors and support for this… Read more »

Do you know a student attending Indiana University-Bloomington this academic year?

Pastors, teachers, and lay leaders,  Do you know a student attending Indiana University-Bloomington this academic year?   University Lutheran Church, pastored by Rev. Rich Woelmer, asks for your help.  Send Pastor Woelmer names and social media contact information as well, so he can follow up.     E-mail:              Church office: 812.336.5387     Voice or text: 812.361.4504  … Read more »

Campus Ministry at Manchester University, North Manchester, IN

Do you have a child, grandchild, relative, or friend who will be attending Manchester University in North Manchester, Indiana this fall?  If so, please encourage him/her to attend Lutheran Bible study on campus each Monday at 7:30 p.m. in Petersime Chapel during the academic year.  Deaconess Carole Terkula from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Columbia… Read more »

Some Thoughts on Stewardship

The Holy Spirit sanctifies us so that we are renewed in our spirit, will, attitude and desires. The Holy Spirit enables us to rise above our natural inclinations.  The natural inclinations that we all have are inclinations of selfishness and self-centeredness. Godly stewardship is the opposite of selfishness and self-centeredness. The desire to serve God… Read more »

Encouragement to Every Sunday Divine Service Attendance!

Encouragement to Every Sunday Divine Service Attendance! Have you noticed that church attendance for many has really declined? When I attended catechism classes, my pastor, made it clear that I was to attend church every Sunday if possible. The expectation of my fellow congregants was that I would attend church every Sunday.  The idea of… Read more »

Alive in Christ, Living For Others!

Have you noticed that all of us tend to be self-centered and selfish? It comes to us so naturally. Have you also noticed that people easily sin against other people?  It comes to us so naturally.  Have you noticed that all people die?  Some live a little longer than others, but death claims us all…. Read more »

Mission Festival Sunday

Do you remember the days when most of our LCMS congregations had a mission festival event? The last church that I served in Altamont, Illinois had a mission festival Sunday every year. It was a great experience.  We invited a missionary who was working in cross cultural ministry either in the foreign field or in… Read more »

What is a “Critical Incident”?

We rarely expect a “Critical Incident” to impact our congregations or schools.  But if you do experience one (see definition below), the Indiana District has a team of trained LCMS pastors and lay leaders who have voluntarily joined the Indiana District’s Critical Incidence Response Team (IN-CIRT).  Volunteers can be deployed to your location to assist… Read more »