Julie Dietrich

Homework…What’s the Point?

Homework.  Does this word immediately cue groans from students, parents, even teachers?  If the very word evokes primarily negative thoughts, then what’s the point? We all want our students to succeed.  There’s no disagreement there.  So, we prepare amazing lessons, include creative instructional strategies, and encourage rich discussions, all to help our students learn.  But,… Read more »

Setting Our Students Up to Achieve

Think back to your toddler days.  Did your parents give you one chance to learn how to walk?  Of course not!  With an unlimited number of tries, and loving, patient arms ready to pick you up after each fall, you finally mastered the art of walking.  Was there a magic age you were supposed to… Read more »

Indiana District Curriculum Initiative Invitation from Dr. Kevin Brockberg

 TEACHING AND LEARNING IN SOCIAL STUDIES…“should be meaningful, integrative, value-based, challenging, and active. These qualities of powerful social studies learning are foundational to the development of children’s knowledge, skills, and dispositions as participating citizens in a global society.”  (NCSS, 2008) Thus begins the powerful and purposeful platform for instruction advocated by the National Council for the… Read more »

Ensuring Each Voice Is Heard!

CURRICULUM CONVERSATION…EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER! Finding a way to ensure each voice is heard can be tough to navigate.  Once you find the right road map for your faculty…the conversation is sure to follow!  Here are two conversation methods to try at your next faculty meeting: CHALK TALK Start with a chalkboard, dry erase… Read more »

IN District Curriculum Conversation Update

Grade 2 Curriculum Conversation (originally scheduled for this past Friday, November 2nd) has been rescheduled for this coming Friday, November 9th.  Grade 2 will join up with Grade 1 teachers (at Immanuel Lutheran, Valparaiso) for a day of sharing best practices and ideas and building community! Early Childhood/Kindergarten Curriculum Conversation day is just around the… Read more »

Connect. Collaborate. Share. Learn. Grow.

Imagine an entire day to CONNECT with others who do exactly what you do!  An entire day to COLLABORATE and SHARE best practices and instructional strategies!  A day driven by what you want to LEARN more about!  A day full of conversations designed to GROW our IN District community! The IN District is pleased to… Read more »

Indiana District: 2018-19 Curriculum Conversations

Grades 6+ SCIENCE Curriculum Conversation February 8, 2019 IN District Grade 6-8 SCIENCE teachers met on Friday, February 8 at Immanuel, Valpo.  It was a great day of connecting with and learning from each other!  Hot topics included student-led inquiry, instructional strategies, and classroom technology. We feel… From Left to Right: Matt Albertin (Trinity, Elkhart)… Read more »

Indiana District: 2017-18 Grade Level Curriculum Conversations

Grade 6+ ELA Curriculum Conversation April 27, 2018 SMALL BUT MIGHTY!  Indiana District Grade 6-8 ELA teachers connected on Friday, April 27.  The group may have been small, but the conversation was HUGE! Highlights included shared instructional best practices, reading comprehension formative assessments, student engagement strategies, and much more! WE FEEL… Beth Lewer (Zion –… Read more »

For Atlas System Administrators

Beginning of the Year Checklist for Atlas System Administrators: https://www.rubicon.com/beginning-of-year-checklist/?utm_source=PD+Update&utm_campaign=64bf42d584-2017PDUpdate_September_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_55d0eb9fe6-64bf42d584-102723201