Jon Mielke

Fight the Good Fight!

Extracurricular school events are fun to watch.  If we have a family member that participates in such an event, that event becomes even more interesting and brings about a heightened sense of interest.  Whether that event is an athletic, musical, play, or pageant, each event brings about a sense of individual or collective competitiveness and… Read more »

Stand Ready

As a principal, the winter months – January through March – were those months of lesser disruptions.  That was a good thing because these were months that afforded teachers and students quality time on task.  Yet, those months also provided many challenges – resolving or attempting to resolve parent and student issues, budget and planning… Read more »

Specific Feedback and Reflection Enhance Teaching & Learning

Principals perform many short and long-term tasks for teachers and students.  More often than not, a principal’s daily tasks are interrupted with pop-in meetings, phone calls, troubled students, parental concerns or issues, and the like.  So, trying to attend and focus on the daily operation while also trying to carve out time for those more… Read more »

Getting Students To Move to a Deeper Understanding!

What a privilege it is for me to be able to visit our Lutheran schools and observe teachers in their classrooms.  I am always appreciative of the preparation that precedes the lesson as well as the depth of content being taught.  Whether visiting early learning centers, elementary or high school classrooms, teachers are intentional to… Read more »

Changing Seasons – Changing Lives

The turning of seasons from summer to fall brings about some refreshing change.  Not that the summer months didn’t provide beautiful days and warmer temperatures to experience the outdoors, the season must certainly did.  But, summer to fall brings about some additional and pleasant opportunities that can be observed and felt, such as the beauty… Read more »

Time for God

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!  (NKJV) So often, we move from day to day without stopping to take just a few minutes to read Scripture.  Yes, I must admit my sinful nature has caused me to… Read more »

Christian Beliefs and Teaching

Effective teaching is not the result of teachers knowing their subject matter well or having a broad knowledge about pedagogical practice alone.  Having an understanding about content and practice certainly enhances the instructional process; however these are not the only factors that contribute toward effective teaching, student learning and achievement.  As Hashweh (2005) suggests, teachers… Read more »

Symbols in our Lives

Wherever you may travel in the United States, you will eventually get a glimpse of the American flag.  Whether that be hanging above a courthouse, place of business, or possibly at a residency, the American flag carries with it respect and dignity.  That is because the American flag represents freedom, justice, and liberty for all…. Read more »

Beliefs about Teaching and Learning

This time of the year finds principals and teachers gearing up for yet another academic year.  When this article is released, most, if not all, will be preparing for their first day of school or may even have begun. It is no secret that our beliefs about teaching mitigate practice and provide a significant influence… Read more »

Ascension Lutheran School, Gary IN-Aug 2016

Even though we are not able to open Ascension Lutheran School in Gary, Indiana this fall due to very low enrollment, we will continue to be diligent and work towards a potential opening for the fall of the 2017-2018 academic year.  Please take a moment to read the attached letter  from Reverend, Dr. Daniel May and… Read more »