Armistice Day!

Published on November 8th, 2017

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Rom 13:1 

This Saturday is Armistice Day!  Armistice Day is remembered each year on 11 November!  On this day the armistice was signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France!  It marked the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I, which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning—the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” …Today we refer to this day Veterans Day!

In 1918 it was a big and hopeful day for many in the western world!  My grandfather was actually a veteran of that war and could actually tell us what it was like and what the armistice meant to him  He had dropped out of high school and “sneaked” in at too young of an age!  He said he was so glad to be home and that although he had served for less than two years he felt he had matured 10 years while in the war.

We now call it Veteran’s Day to recognize all the veterans who have defended our nation in all of the wars.  It turned out that was not the ”war to end all wars”!  We always seem to have wars and rumors of wars.  We are after all a fallen people living in a fallen world!  As Christians in America we honor our nation, understand the importance of defending it – even when there is a call to arms.

It’s hard to know how to “celebrate” this day.  Sometimes there are parades, there will be some movies (check your history channel) and we put our flags out!  Maybe the best thing to do is remember – remember those who have given their lives to protect our nation.  I’ll remember Grandpa and how excited he always was to sit on the reviewing stand during the Veteran’s Day Parade in Mishawaka!  And thank God and those who have worn the uniform for you and are still with us in every community! Thank you Grandpa!