Annual Reports for Rostered Candidates – Did you Get Yours?

Synod bylaws require all inactive members of the roster to turn in an annual reporting form each year by the due date as one of the stipulations for remaining on the roster.  CANDIDATES must return theirs by JULY 31 (emeritus members are due January 31).  The Indiana District Office mailed out those Annual Reports early last week, so if you don’t receive yours by the end of the month, please contact us so we can either email the form to you or verify your address and re-send.

Annual Report for Candidates ~  If you don’t receive yours by July 1, let us know!

* Commissioned Workers:  Contact Shannon at or by phone at 260.423.1511, ext. 2212
* Ordained Workers:  Contact Lisa at or by phone at 260.423.1511, ext. 2204

Completed reports are accepted either by scan / email OR by mail.  Return envelopes were provided in the mailing.
Thank you for helping us keep in touch!