Add An Attachment

WEBSITE LINK:  All internet resources can easily be linked within each mapping template section.  Just copy and paste the URL address.  (EXAMPLES:  videos, activities/games, education ideas, Pinterest)

FILE ATTACHMENT: Quickly upload attachments from your computer or external drive.  (EXAMPLES: downloaded whiteboard activities, worksheets, rubrics, graphic organizers)

GOOGLE DRIVE: Easily upload all Google Drive applications. (After an initial access step, all Google applications are at home right on the map.)

DISPLAYED IMAGE: Upload images/pictures directly to the map. (EXAMPLE: Take pictures of student work on your phone and upload directly onto the map.)

PROTECTED FILE: Upload documents or resources intended for your eyes only.  (EXAMPLES: Purchased resources like Teachers Pay Teachers, copyrighted materials, documents with student names or student data.)  Keep in mind…anyone linked as a collaborator to the map will also be able to see these uploads.  Otherwise, the protected file uploads are unseen by all others.

LESSON PLAN: Lesson plans can be uploaded and attached directly to the map.