The Indiana District hosts its convention once every three years. The event draws together representatives from all  our congregations and ministries for fellowship, worship, idea sharing, leadership selection, and decision making.
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Indiana District 2018 Convention

Convention Resources:

Review the Convention Details

Download the 2018 Convention Workbook. 

Download the official notice of the 2018 Indiana District Convention.

Download the Recommendation for Nomination form.

Download the 2015-2018 Circuit Visitors list.

Sign up for all Pastors to have their picture taken at the convention. 


2018 Convention Workbook Supplement

Download Supplement Section 1 – Agenda, Delegates and Other Information.

Download Supplement Section 2 – Ballots and Biographical Information for District President and Vice Presidents.

Download Supplement Section 3 – General Ballot and Bios, Part A.

Download Supplement Section 4 – General Ballot and Council Bios, Part B.

Download Supplement Section 5 – General Ballot and Committee Bios, Part C.

Download Supplement Section 6 – Resolutions.

Download Supplement Section 7 – Financial Update.

Download Supplement Section 8 – Audit Report.


NEW:  Download the 2018 Convention Proceedings.

NEW: Download the 2018-2021 Indiana District Bylaws. 

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