A Really Big Night! Call Night!

Published on April 24th, 2018

OK there is your baptism day, your wedding day and then your CALL DAY!  This is an exciting time for church worker students as they graduate and receive their first calls.  The study, the waiting, the guessing and the hoping are about to end.  When you receive your first call life changes – in a way even your name changes!  If you are a teacher you will report to your first day of school and hear students  use your new name, “TEACHER” will you help me?”  I will never ever forget my first day at First Lutheran Church in Natchez Mississippi!  It was said to me, “PASTOR MAY we are so glad you are here to be our pastor!”

What you were preparing for has now come true – you are here – God has called and placed you in His mission field to do His bidding!  What could be better?   More exciting?  More frightening?

This is the week that our seminary grads are tearing open their envelopes, grabbing their maps (oops, today you can check your cell phone), calling home and reading as fast as you can through the call documents to try to get a sense of where you are going to serve and what it is going to be like!  North? South? East? West?  Is it urban, suburban, small town or rural?  What will the people, community, congregation be like?  So much to think about and discover!

The only downside is that there are still a few weeks of school, a few tests to take and a couple of papers to write.  And the moving arrangements need to be made and letters and phone calls need to be done!  Oh yes, we must call our parents!  Sibs!  And we need to meet with our DP!

Pray for these new gifts to the church and thank God for them as they begin the exciting ministry journey God has planned and given to them. Give them courage, joy and faith as the next few weeks mold and change their lives as never before!   I would do it all over again in a minute!