A Place to Retreat and Be Still

Published on March 27th, 2017

In a world that continues to spin faster and faster with technological advances, busy schedules and competition, a time and place to retreat and “be still” in God’s Word becomes increasingly extraordinary.

Lakeview Ministries in Seymour established its mission more than 50 years ago to “provide opportunities of growth, inspiration, and recreation in an outdoor environment.” Adults and children come to Lakeview to enjoy God’s creation and focus on His Word apart from daily distractions. Every year, more than 2,200 summer youth campers and 200 adult retreat groups spend time in the rolling hills of southern Indiana at Lakeview.

These camp-goers stop running hectically from one event to the next to run wildly through a green pasture in some silly field game. They take a break from staring at a screen to gaze into endless, starry skies. They forget the work schoolhome balancing act as they balance with a team on a tight-rope challenge course.

Rather than trying to stay afloat amid responsibilities, they let the cool water of a glistening lake cover and refresh them. They trade the chatter of the media for the singing of crickets and a crackling campfire. In this setting, the Word of God is shared and souls are restored by it.

Knowing the value of such settings and experiences, Lakeview Ministries recently acquired an additional facility that was in danger of being shut down. This facility, Camp Cedarbrook in Lanesville, is situated on nearly 70 acres of forested hills just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Ky. It had been operated by the Kentuckiana Zone of the Lutheran Layman’s League, and now Lakeview Ministries has the opportunity to keep this outdoor ministry from being lost. Strategic planning for the development of this property is underway. How exciting to anticipate the peace, rest, inspiration and recreation God will provide His children at this site!

In Luke 5:16, Jesus “withdrew Himself into the wilderness and prayed.” There is great value in the green pastures and still waters of God’s creation. As the weather warms and creation begins to come alive this spring, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in His creation and His Word.

For more information about Lakeview Ministries and the Camp Cedarbrook project, visit lakeviewministries.com.
Lakeview Ministries is a partner camp of the National Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Association (NLOMA). NLOMA partner camps are spread all throughout the country and are willing and eager to provide a place for you to experience all that God’s creation has to offer. To find your camp, visit NLOMA.org.

By David Vandercar, Executive Director, Lakeview Ministries
Taken from the Lutheran Witness, March 2017 edition