5 Free Stewardship Programs Available for Congregational Use

Published on September 12th, 2018

Looking for a free stewardship program for your church with a whole-life stewardship emphasis?  There are now five sets of materials available for downloading free from the District’s website – including 2 new ones, added in September 2018.

These programs from Stewardship Advisors are Scripturally-based, grace-centered, copy-ready, and contain everything your LCMS church will need:  Bible studies, bulletin messages, commitment forms, daily devotions, flyers, worship helps, newsletter articles, letters, Powerpoint slides, and more.

These study sets are available for your stewardship focus:

  • “Following God’s Financial Counsel”
  • “Embracing Great Commission Stewardship”
  • “Disciples Living as Grace-Filled Stewards”
  • “Experiencing the Joy of Generosity”
  • “Bearing Fruit for Jesus”

You can download all the stewardship programs and the coordinating materials here. 

Please note that these programs should only be used by LCMS congregations in the Indiana District as per our agreement with Stewardship Advisors.