39th Biennial LWML – Phil’s Friends

Phil’s Friends is one of eight Servant Activities planned for the LWML Convention in Lexington, June 24-27. LWML plans to provide 1,000 Cards of Hope for people affected by cancer enrolled with Phil’s Friends. You can help! As we are staying in our  own ”bubble” more than usual, why not take advantage of time alone or with family, friends, or church members coloring Cards of Hope, sharing encouragement, and brightening a cancer patient’s day. 

To make a card, go to philsfriends.org and click on Cards of Hope. Follow the directions with one exception. We want to track the number of cards completed. DO NOT follow the instructions in “Special Note.” Instead choose an option below to return your cards:

  1. Bring your finished cards to the Servant Activities area at convention.
  2. Mail your cards, unfolded, in a 9″ x 12″ envelope to Sue Frischie, 507 N. Ade Street, Kentland, IN 47951 before June 22.

The need for Cards of Hope is critical. Between 3,900-4,500 cards are mailed each month. If you have questions, contact Sue at frischie@embarqmail.com or 219-863-5846. Thank you for participating in coloring Cards of Hope.