39th Biennial LWML Convention Bit

The 39th Biennial LWML Convention – June 24-27, Lexington, KY

Emily R. shares some thoughts about why she attends LWML Conventions:

I have been attending LWML conventions for over 35 years, beginning when I was a young mother until now as a newly retired woman.  My reasons or what I enjoyed most about attending varied with my age and circumstances.  Probably the three most important reasons have been for spiritual encouragement, hearing from missionaries and their work because of LWML mites, and spending time with friends in choir, at meals, and worshiping together.   It is a blessing to attend with so many Lutheran women of all ages and from all over our nation.

Indiana, along with LWML Districts Michigan and Ohio, are host for this convention. Consider becoming a volunteer worker at the LWML Convention June 24-27 in Lexington. Go to lwmlindiana.org. Click on the Upcoming Events tab and then click on Conventions. The “Call for Workers” forms are found under National LWML Convention-Lexington, KY.