TEC21: Together, We Explore a New Universe of Learning!

Published on May 17th, 2019

As a TEC21 District, once again your Indiana District will continue to give a green light to your school’s participation.  With the aims listed below, why wouldn’t the District support teachers who want to “explore a new universe of learning … and take students to places you never dreamed they would go.”

Should your school encounter difficulties in funding TEC21, simply write on letterhead the names of teachers who would enroll in TEC21 and send this to the attention of Kevin Brockberg (by mail or email a pdf).  Then briefly explain funding from your own school resources that will support your teachers in TEC21.  You are strongly encouraged to first consider Title and local funding for this professional development which the District will supplement.

Deadline is June 15.

TEC21: Together, we explore a new universe of learning!

  • Discover new, innovative technology tools and resources.
  • Effectively integrate technology into your curriculum.
  • Benefit from a creative pause—time to process, develop and grow.
  • Learn best practices from expert educators.
  • Access practical, relevant educational applications.
  • Create lessons/projects to implement immediately across your curriculum.
  • Refine or create a student-centered classroom web presence.
  • Receive three college credits through Concordia University, Seward, Neb. (optional).
  • Collaborate and network with fellow educators.

Build life-long relationships and support through an active TEC21 community