2022 Summer Administrators Conference

innovate, verb

  1. do something in a new way
  2. introduce as, or as if, new
  3. make changes

The intent of this year’s Indiana District Administrators Conference corresponds to Webster’s three variants of the definition for “innovate”:

  1. How can this July 19-21 annual event in Fishers keep building on the momentum of doing the District Administrators Conference in a new, rotational way?
  2. How can successful ideas and innovations already in action be introduced and start something new and innovative in your school enterprise?
  3. How will you navigate the tough terrain of changes (from the DoE, the learning environment, the un-normed nature of kids, the pressure of secular culture) in the 2022-23 academic year?


The Light of Life

The principals of the Central Region planned the program and activities under the theme, “The Light of Life” from John 1.  This group selected the new site in Fishers,  multiplied the premium on fellowship and collegiality by two (both Tuesday and Wednesday nights), extended the new tradition with an open invitation to emeriti principals at no cost, and further attended to illuminating innovations for leaders in multiple sessions, highlighted below:.


July 19, Pre-Conference Innovations – Use this link to Register for the Pre-Conference (FOR FREE!)

Building on the momentum of our first-ever Pre-Conference led last year by Mr. Jon Dize, and last year’s invitation to ECE Directors to the Conference, the Pre-Conference has expanded once again.

12:00 Business Managers Luncheon – Free for your Business Manager and you to meet other school business teams, sparked with a brief keynote from Mr. Kyle Hanson of Triun3, LLC and finishing with a Business Ed-Camp

3:00 Innovation Marketplace – Free for you to mingle with education entrepreneurs from LSEM, Concordia Publishing House (new Enduring Faith curriculum), SFS, Vimme Math, Triun3, and Restorative Practice.

5:00 Reception at Hotel

6:00 Picnic at Geist Lake – at the home of Mrs. Karen Geiger, Principal of Holy Cross Lutheran School


July 20 Conference Day 1

Following worship with communion at 10:30, lunch will be served in the Atrium of the Conference Center.  . The afternoon is planned around our previously successful Ed-Camp model of discussion topics, with Ed-Camp tracks for leading education for ECE Directors.  Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies introduces us to trends in this secular age (and will continue these thoughts on Day 2).  Dinner will be served at the nearby restaurant, and the SGO will provide beverages throughout the evening. Emeriti principals are invited to the entire Conference at no cost.

July 21 Conference Day 2

Following 8:00 am breakfast and devotions, Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies from Lutheran Hour Ministries Doxology will lead two more interactive sessions probing deeply into the imprint of this secular age on our psyche and spirituality.  Lunch is again served at the hotel, and a special closing worship experience will send us home at 2:00, and into the 2022-23 academic year, and to a world grappling with issues for which Christ is the innovation.

More to Info to Come

Next week you will learn specifics about the Pre-Conference, Ed-Camp, and Keynote sessions.  For now, mark your calendar, use this link to register, invite emeriti you know to attend, and talk it up with those principals new to our District.