2018 CHP Rates Available

Published on June 7th, 2017

This information is intended for the large employers (those with 15 or more workers in the Retirement Plan) in Indiana – directly from Employee Resource Consultant, Maureen Schneider.

Over the next few weeks, Concordia Plans will be sending emails saying the new 2018 CHP rates are available. While you are welcome to go through our website to get 2018 health plan rates, it would be more effective if you email me (Maureen.Schneider@ConcordiaPlans.org) directly. The reply that you receive on-line is very basic since our rate tool does not know about your unique situations and needs. By requesting them directly from me, I will be able to review my notes and make sure you not only get the rates, but also strategies that best fit your ministry’s needs based on our discussions. After I have researched your request, I will email the information to you and offer to schedule a conference call with you to review the information as it relates to your ministry goals.

The 2018 health care rate increase is 3.9% across the board. All plan options that were offered in 2017 will be offered in 2018. No anticipated plan design changes. As in the past, each employer will receive a hard copy rate notice in the annual Pick Your Packet Option mailing that is scheduled to go out on 7/7/17.

Since the rate increase is relatively low and many of you are very pleased with the health plans you offer, I suspect many of you will want to remain in your current plan option (s). When you request rates from me, if you just want the 2018 rates for the plan option you are in and you anticipate staying there, please let me know that and I will simply send you the rates…no need to send you things you don’t need. On the other hand, if you are thinking of making a change and want to see a specific scenario, just let me know that too.

If you have already requested rates through our website or emails, no worries. I have already been notified and will be providing them to you in the next week.

As always, please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.