2018 CHP Enhancements

Published on October 19th, 2017

Following are some enhancements and updates to the Concordia Health Plan that are effective January 1, 2018.


  • Virtual technology brings health care to our members electronically. This benefit provides you access to a board-certified doctor within minutes from your mobile device or computer. It is easy, convenient and affordable. While this is not a new benefit, there have been some changes:
  • Enhancement for copay plan options – the cost will be $10/visit for medical services for all copay plans, including Options A, B, C, D, E, Select 500 and Select 1000. For mental health, the copay will equal the mental health copay for that option.
  • High Deductible options HDHP, Choice 1500, Choice 2000 & Choice 3000 – for plans administered by BCBS, the following costs will apply to the Doctor On Demand benefit — $44 for medical; $55-$220 for mental health/substance abuse. These costs will apply to the deductible or coinsurance after the deductible (if applicable) until the out-of-pocket maximum is satisfied. See attached Doctor On Demand flyer that you may want to share with your workers.
  • New Voluntary Smart90 Program – provides workers more choice and is easier. Smart90 is a voluntary maintenance medication program. Maintenance medications are taken regularly over time, to treat an ongoing health condition. With Smart90, maintenance medications can only be filled in a 90-day supply through Express Scripts home delivery (as in the past), or at your local Walgreens pharmacy. For copay options (A, B, C, D, E, Select 500, Select 1000 & Premium Plus), the cost share will be the same at Express Scripts or Walgreens.

Members will no longer be able to receive 90-day supply through other retail pharmacies, except Walgreens. They will only be able to fill up to a 30-day supply at a time a other retail pharmacies. The member will need to return every 30 days for the remainder of the 90-day supply.

If your workers have questions on these benefits, they can call our Customer Care Center Representatives toll-free at 888-927-7526.