1095-B – Proof of Minimum Essential Coverage

Published on March 14th, 2016

Form 1095-B, the form used to document when individuals had Minimum Essential Coverage as required under provisions of the Affordable Care Act for 2015, will be on their way to Concordia Health Plan members’ homes near the end of March.

The IRS extended the delivery deadline to March 31 and Concordia Plan Services will mail the forms to our CHP members by this deadline. (Note: CHP members enrolled in an HMO in California were sent their Form 1095-Bs by Cigna directly, so they will not be receiving this form from Concordia Plan Services. Members with Medicare supplemental coverage will also not receive a form from Concordia Plan Services since Medicare is their primary coverage provider.)

As a reminder, members do not need to include Form 1095-B when filing their taxes, however they should keep this form with their other important tax documents.

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